Fight COVID-19

Our communities, with the support of our great health care system, can minimize the impacts of coronavirus in Montana. I pledge to be a leader for our community on the fight against this outbreak and providing resources for our families and businesses. Follow me on facebook for the latest.

For any community to win the battle against this pandemic it is important that every citizen has access to affordable health care. Early detection and diagnosis can prevent further spread and impacts on individuals, families, coworkers and our hospitals. Medicaid expansion is a key component to health care access for almost 100,000 Montanans. As we strive to return to our normal routines we will only be as healthy as the least among us.

I am a strong supporter of Medicaid expansion. Not only does it provide affordable health care access, our rural hospitals and urgent care centers rely on this system to get paid to keep their doors open. States that have not expanded Medicaid coverage have fewer hospitals in rural areas due to closures.

The Montana legislature must promote strong vaccination laws, particularly when a reliable vaccine becomes available, to help us stop this pandemic. The anti-vaccination crowd promotes their philosophy based on a long debunked study. We will use the advances of modern science to help improve our lives.