Public Health

I support efforts to ensure the health and safety of Montanans in scientifically supported ways. Beyond COVID-19, vaccinations and food safety are two public health issues currently in the news.

The coronavirus will likely need new policies to be created and approved. I will work to ensure the effective methods to fight this pandemic are available in Montana.


I believe the state must protect our children and the public through basic vaccination laws. Vaccination has caused the near eradication of polio, smallpox, and measles. But today, with people continuing to buy into discredited sources, some diseases are making a comeback.

While there currently is no vaccination for coronavirus, we are facing a massive public health crisis like never before in our lifetimes. Public Health policies will be critical in the months to come. I will fight for strong measures to protect the public, while balancing that with individual protections for privacy and choice to the extent possible.

Food Safety

I support the pasteurization of milk available to the general public. For people wishing to consume unpasteurized milk, or raw milk as it is called, they are currently able to buy direct. Pasteurization is directly responsible for a large decline in infant mortality rates.

If unsafe food is sold to the public, it must be made plain to the buyer and the seller must retain liability for their products. There is no way that an unsuspecting public should be able to access unsafe food.