Fiscal Conservative

I am a strong fiscal conservative. There are some who advocate for slashing critical services as the definition of conservative. I believe that it takes a real conservative to take the hard votes against Republican pork as much as Democrat pork. 

It is not conservative to pull the rug out from under hard working Montanans because government isn’t doing their job right. I will do the work and fix it! You may have heard about Montanans receiving health care benefits they don’t qualify for. My opponent says this is reason to eliminate the entire program. I will fight to get it right. I support hard working poor Montanans and will work to eliminate the abuse by those with better paying jobs who should be paying what they can.

I am a real conservative and will take the tough votes against new tax credits and the harder votes to curtail tax credits already in place. Tax credits are your state government picking winners and losers. They give preferred tax treatment to some while the rest of us have to pay more for that benefit given to the few. I am well known for my unyielding fight against tax credits. My bill to eliminate tax credits would lower everyone’s income tax bill and simplify your state income taxes. Get rid of the special treatment and let everyone pay less!

Real conservatives understand that a balanced budget involves two sides. Politicians that want to cut taxes need to say what spending they will cut. Politicians that want to add a new program have to say what tax increase will happen. I will do the hard work of balancing Montana’s budget. There are lots of good ideas that we just can’t afford. The number of people in the state goes up, our roads get more use, our expenses increase. There are hundreds and thousands of hard decisions to make to put together a balanced budget. I will do the work and fight for a conservative budget that works for Montanans.